Product search frontend, 404 on product view

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Product search frontend, 404 on product view

Beitragvon vmulot » 4. Mär 2015, 19:23

Me again,... ;)

The product frontend module is working, it displays me the list of products i want. but when i click on a product, i got a 404 page.
i don't understand why :)
here is the url not working (so you can check if it's well formated).
the product is Activity Podartis, and "autour du pied" is a category.
Code: Alles auswählen

and i don't know more clues, i think the configuration is good as the result list is displaying well.
i just can't figure out why.
if you have any suggestions !
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Re: Product search frontend, 404 on product view

Beitragvon supportteam2 » 4. Mär 2015, 22:35

Merconis itself doesn't produce 404 errors but combined with other extensions etc. there might be reasons for contao not being able to resolve a url.

A good way to find the reason for this behaviour would be to compare your setup to the setup that the merconis installer creates in a fresh contao system. Maybe some of the differences look suspicious. I would suggest to deactivate all other extensions at first. Maybe they don't have anything to do with it, but it's a good start to rule that out. The next thing would be to try to understand what part of the url causes the 404 e.g. by comparing the url that doesn't work to one that does and then removing url parameters from the problematic url until it works. This might deliver some insights. And last but not least comparing the contao settings of your misbehaving setup with the contao settings of a newly installed merconis setup could be revealing. Although Merconis is very well tested with lots of different contao settings and in a lot of different environments, there's still a chance that one could find a combination of settings that Merconis currently isn't compatible with. If that should be the case, please let us know!
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Re: Product search frontend, 404 on product view

Beitragvon vmulot » 5. Mär 2015, 09:48

I found my problem.
I think product list and "reader" modules must be on the same layout.
(in fact, i have 2 layouts, one for categories, and one for single view)
the categories one works without the singleview module, but the product single view one need both.

and before they were not on layout but juste in articles and it did"'nt work also.
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