Merconis for Contao 3.2.1 is not working

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Merconis for Contao 3.2.1 is not working

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Hello. Merconis looks great, but I installed in Contao 3.2.1 using the extension catalog but it does not display in the back end how it shows in your demo. Nothing appear in the left column of the back end.

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Re: Merconis for Contao 3.2.1 is not working

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Hello and a happy new year.

After installation just start the auto configuration of MERCONIS by opening the "home" page inside the contao backend (see the screenshot below). MERCONIS will install all its necessary components (modules, pages, forms etc.) and demo data. Have a look at our installation video tutorial (you can enable english subtitles).

If this not help you or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
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