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Producer products list

Beitragvon 2zi0li » 31. Mär 2020, 10:33

Hello, is it possible to make a category-indipendent filter for each producer?
What I mean is if I can make a page where I automatically filter all the products of my catalog for a specific producer, without the need of a form to submit.

Thank you
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Re: Producer products list

Beitragvon supportteam2 » 31. Mär 2020, 23:57

Yes, you can use the CrossSeller feature to achieve that. Create a new CrossSeller and choose the type of product selection "Product search". You can then use the search criterion "Manufacturer" and, if necessary, combine it with the search criterion "Page/category".

Now you can place this CrossSeller on any page you like using the CrossSeller content element or the CrossSeller frontend module.

Please also check out the backend navigation item "Display settings" in the Merconis section where you can make sure that the product list created by the CrossSeller is displayed just like a normal product list, which is what I suppose you want.
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